Jessica's Story

Broadcast: BBC World, 2013
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Jessica escaped the nightmare of sexual abuse and trafficking that she'd lived in since she was six. As one of thousands of children who are sex trafficked in America, Jessica had few resources to turn to as she sought escape. Limited help and significant stigma contributed to her protracted nightmare so when she finally got out, she knew she had to help other girls do the same. Now in her twenties, Jessica is rebuilding her life and supporting other victims. In this short documentary film, Jessica shares her story with street artist Lydia Emily, who paints a large mural in LA's infamous Skid Row to capture Jessica's resilience. In a community where the sexual violence of girls has become routine, this piece serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment.

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Jessica’s Story was screened in front of an audience of 50,000 and broadcast around the world as part of Gucci’s initiative CHIME FOR CHANGE, which raised significant funds for projects that promote health, education and justice for women and girls worldwide.

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Libby Spears

Director & Producer


Executive Producer

Chime for Change

Executive Producer

Nishima Chudasama


Cris Hamilton


Oreet Rees


Katy Wood

Sound Mix



James Blake



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